While Leonardo DiCaprio may have said that there was no bad blood between him and Lady Gaga after an awkward run in with her at the 2016 Golden Globes in February, a new report claims that “The Revenant” star has not ended a so-called feud with the singer. Radar Online reported Wednesday that DiCaprio told Lady Gaga’s management team that he will not work with her on any film project.

Lady Gaga had tweeted support to DiCaprio before his Oscar win. However, a source told Radar Online that the 29-year-old’s tweet was “sarcastic, and she did not do this by choice.”

“After the Golden Globes, Leo got word to Gaga’s new management team that he would never work with her on a film project. So Gaga’s team pressured her to send that tweet to Leo in hopes of saving her movie career,” the insider told the gossip website. “Gaga has been shut out of several big projects this month, and she believes that Leo is the reason why. She said that he is sabotaging her chances at a real career in acting and she is freaking out!”

The moment between the Academy Award winner and Lady Gaga occurred when it was announced that she won Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television. The award was for her role as the Countess on "AHS: Hotel." During her walk to the stage she had to pass by DiCaprio, surprising him in the process by bumping into his arm.

The 41-year-old star and Lady Gaga reportedly laughed off the incident during an after-party. “They hung out for twenty minutes laughing and chatting and Leo explained that he had no idea she was even behind him when she walked up,” source told Us Weekly. “He was having a moment laughing with who he was sitting with about something else and then his elbow was out and he had no idea she was walking by — it’s so crowded in that room.”