Nick Carter's 25-year-old sister, Leslie Carter, died of an apparent overdose from anti-depressant drug, according to a Police Report released ahead of official toxicology test results.

Leslie Carter was found dead in her Update New York home after allegedly falling in the shower. Her half-sister, Ginger Carter, found her and lay her down before realizing she had stopped breathing. She told officials that Leslie had a long history of mental illness and seemed depressed the morning before she died, People Magazine reported.

Chautauqua County Coroner, Richard Mackowiak, told ABC News that the official cause of death would be determined in toxicology reports, in between four to six weeks. Her family will decide whether these will be released to the public.

Authorities found medication to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and anxiety close to Leslie when she died, according to People Magazine. An unnamed source told TMZ that she had recently moved from Canada to upstate New York to be close to family members who she hoped would help her with her prescription drug issues.

Leslie left behind her husband Mike Ashton, and 10-month-old daughter, Alyssa June. She also recorded an album under the DreamWorks record label that was never released, according to MTV, although one track Like Wow' featured in the soundtrack of the first Shrek movie.

Our family is grieving right now, and it's a private matter, a representative for the Carters said in a statement.  We are deeply saddened for the loss of our beloved sister, daughter and granddaughter, Leslie Carter.

Since his sister's death, Aaron Carter has gone on Leslie's Facebook Page, posting a message saying he would keep her memory alive. Hey this is Aaron we are going to keep her Facebook up..! I will add ppl so we keep Leslie alive! We love les, he wrote.

Preparations for Leslie's funeral are underway. Her family has requested the utmost privacy during this difficult time.