Leslie Odom Jr. won’t be Aaron Burr for much longer. After winning a Tony Award for his role as the man who shoots the “ten dollar Founding Father” in Broadway’s “Hamilton,” the actor announced he’ll leave the show in July.

Odom, who released a self-titled jazz album earlier this month, revealed the news in a Facebook Live video. “I am indeed leaving on July 9,” he confirmed. “It has just been the most completely wonderful, totally healing and inspiring experience from beginning to end. I will never forget the people that I’ve met here. I will never forget all of you.”

The actor’s decision isn’t entirely surprising. The original cast’s contracts come to an end next month, and several are expected to exit. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who plays Alexander Hamilton in addition to having written the show, previously announced he’d leave on July 9. Phillipa Soo, who plays Eliza Hamilton, also will depart on that date.

When Miranda announced he was the leaving the show, he tempered it with some good news for fans: “Hamilton” will be filmed with him in it, he confirmed on Twitter. However, that deal might not include the entire original cast. Odom noted he hasn’t signed on yet, so he might not be in the performance that is filmed.

“As of right now, I am not a part of that film,” he said. “I’ll let you know if anything changes. I would love to be a part of it. There’s a small chance I won’t be, and if I’m not, I’m sure they’ll find somebody great.”

There is no word yet on when the filmed version will be available.

It seems likely that Odom will announce his next project soon. Miranda has a “Mary Poppins” remake lined up and has written the soundtrack for Disney’s next animated feature, “Moana,” due out in November. Soo will lend her voice to that movie and is set to star in a Broadway adaptation of the French film “Amélie” next year.

“Hamilton” will continue without the actors who made the show famous. It has an open-ended run at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York.