Some say let it rain. Others say let it snow. But either way, the weather has taken hold of the Web this holiday season.

Let it rain is a a popular online store based in Astoria, Oregon -- a place where it frequently rains -- that sells rain gear including boots and umbrellas that people are apparently buzzing about this Christmas, and buying from. Why, some have apparently gone so far is making rain boots become the traditional Christmas stocking.

Says a headline at Let it Rain's blog: Rain Boots -- a New Holiday Tradition! This Holiday Season, I have seen rain boots being used for a new spin on stockings. What a great tradition!

On the company site, which has been trending this week as shoppers make buys so they can be shipped and arrive in time for the holidays, the company says:  The Wall St Journal writes about them. Customers call from all over the world: from China, Germany, Italy and Japan. Why? In the Pacific Northwest they know something about rain.

The WSJ apparently called Let it Rain one of the best places in the country to buy rain gear.

Yet some are hoping, naturally, for snow this season instead of rain. And as let it rain lights up the web, so does the phrase let it snow, thanks to Google.

And in recent days, Google is giving it to those who want snow, albeit online via Google's latest search trick.

People dreaming of a white Christmas can have one now on Google. Web searchers on Google can try out its newest Easter egg by simply typing Let it Snow in the search field, which brings the screen to life with snowflakes falling on it. 

That's not all, either. Users can skate their cursor around the screen, seeing the path they've taken in the ice. And, as the screen frosts up, users can wipe it away by using the cursor as an ice scraper. Or, users can press the Defrost button.

So a video below of Google's Let it Snow Easter egg.