At a time when LG is expected to take the wraps off the heavily-rumored G5 Sunday, a new rumor said that the upcoming smartphone will come with a magic slot, in addition to the secondary ticker display and dual camera setup.

Tech websites describe the "magic slot" feature as a special slot to accommodate the removable battery unit or an additional module with the capability to improve features and performance of the device. In a way, it sounds and looks like Google’s Project Ara.

Based on the leaked photo of the G5 attached below, there is a huge, thick bump appended to the back of the phone. This unique module has some buttons and a dial on the corner. Some are saying that it could be a camera module. With a magic slot like this, different sensors can be inserted as per the requirement of the device user, Android Authority reported.

LG-G5-Magic-Slot An alleged magic slot on the back of LG G5. Photo: Android Authority

Speaking of the dial, the same site says it could be a control dial or zoom and the button located right next to the dial could be the power button, while the one in the left looks more like a shutter. In any case, the magic slot does make the device look unusually bulky. While other OEMs are going size zero, LG is trying to stand out by adding weight to the flagship.

Apart from the mystery module, the leaked LG G5 photo also shows a USB Type-C port, speaker grill and a headphone jack. Nevertheless, readers are advised to take the reported LG G5 specifications with the proverbial pinch of salt as the tech giant has not confirmed any information so far.