“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” creator Mona Scott-Young is facing allegations that she orchestrated several fights that broke out during the show's recent reunion show taping in New York City.

At least three fights reportedly erupted during Tuesday’s reunion show taping, according to sources speaking with TMZ. The show’s breakout star, Joseline Hernandez, was said to be in the middle of all of the brawls, physically attacking her castmates Althea Heart, Tami Rivera and Mimi Faust. Cast members and crew speaking with the site also said Hernandez attacked a security guard who attempted to detain her. 

Hernandez is known for her aggressive personality on the show. But according to cast member Benzino, Scott-Young may have actually encouraged her to initiate the reunion show fights.

Benzino took to Instagram after the taping to blast Scott-Young for apparently taking Hernandez to dinner after the dramatic brawls on Tuesday. He included a picture of the two women that he claimed was taken during the dinner (which also included Hernandez’s boyfriend Stevie J). He questioned if the brawls were “set up” and called out Hernandez for threatening his fiancée, Althea, several times on the show and off camera. Benzino also claimed that Stevie J posted the picture of Scott-Young and Hernandez and then took it down after Scott-Young requested he do so. 

Benzino has since pulled down the posts, but the entertainment blog Bossip grabbed screenshots of them before they were taken off his page. screen-shot-2014-07-18-at-2-08-37-am Benzino posted this image to his Instagram account showing Mona Scott-Young and Joseline Hernandez reportedly after the reunion show taping. Photo: Instagram/Benzino/Bossip

screen-shot-2014-07-18-at-2-05-04-am In the post, Benzino raised several questions about the image and claimed that the cast wants Hernandez off the show. Photo: Instagram/Benzino/Bossip screen-shot-2014-07-18-at-2-07-03-am Benzino then questioned if Scott-Young had played a role it what happened on set on Tuesday. Photo: Instagram/Benzino/Bossip

Throughout the VH1 show's three seasons, people have questioned what role Scott-Young plays in creating and planning the drama broadcast on the reality series. Many viewers speculate that she is responsible for stirring up issues and fights among cast members. Scott-Young has also faced a backlash for the show’s campy storylines and its portrayal of women.

Sources told TMZ that the fight was so bad that production was halted for the day, and the schedule was altered for the special's second day of taping. When cast members returned on July 16, they were reportedly held in separate rooms and no live audience was present.