Libyan rebels say there is intense fighting taking place 100 miles east of Tripoli, after forces loyal to leader Muammar Gaddafi retreated to the outskirts of Misrata, a gateway city to the capital. The forces began launching rockets into the city, a rebel spokesman said.

Government forces bombarded three residential areas and Misrata's city center, including Tripoli Street, rebel spokesman Abdelsalam told Reuters by telephone on Sunday.

Gaddafi's brigades started random bombardment in the early hours of this morning. The bombardment is still going on, he said.

There were 28 deaths and 85 injuries related to the fighting on Saturday and Sunday, Dr. Khaled Abu Falgah, head of the Misrata medical committee told the Associated Press.

The attacks by Gaddafi's forces come one day after Gaddafi's forces reportedly withdrew.

On Saturday, a rebel leader was skeptical of Gaddafi's move just outside the city.

It's a trick, Col Ahmed Bani, the chief spokesman for the rebel forces in Benghazi, told the New York Times.

He's playing deadly games. He can't give up Misrata this easily. He knows that if Misrata falls in our hands, it open the way for Tripoli to fall in our hands.