The $51 million dollar settlement negotiation between Lil Wayne and Birdman appears to have stalled after Birdman took offense to a recent diss from Weezy.

According to TMZ, lawyers for both Lil Wayne and Birdman were close to reaching a deal regarding music contracts until Wayne threw a shot at Birdman at a recent concert and yelled a few expletives directed at him. Lil Wayne’s diss included changing a Cash Money Records lyric to a Jay Z shout out — a rival of Birdman.

TMZ reports that a settlement in the $51 million lawsuit was only one meeting away but if the parties ever want to settle, they both need to remain quiet in public.

The lawsuit between the two dates back to January 2015 after negotiations to release Lil Wayne from his Cash Money contract fell through. Wayne continues to seek freedom from his contract and also seeks a ruling to make him the joint copyright owner of all Young Money records.

During a recent interview with, Lil Wayne shared that his relationship with Birdman was damaged and they aren’t family, saying, “I’m 34, baby, I’m too old for friends.” While he may be too old for friends, what about family? “His last name isn’t Carter, baby. He’s not family,” he said.

While Lil Wayne appears to be done with Birdman, Birdman still wants to mend their relationship. In August, while appearing on the Be Honest podcast, Birdman said he would heal the relationship and he would never say anything negative about Lil Wayne.

“I wouldn’t be a man if I can say somebody is my son and I can speak down on him. That’s not a man. I look at him as my son and I won’t finish the game without Wayne. Even if he stay with me or go do whatever he want to do. I respect him as a son,” he continued. “I’ma fix it. Whatever happens after that, we gon’ let it be.”