Sunday is just over two days away, and sometime between midnight and 2 a.m. CST, the exclusive Lilly Pulitzer line will reach Target retail stores and Known for her colorful, bright patterns and country club chic, deceased designer Pulitzer’s collection will consist of 250 items – from $2 nail files to $60 beach chairs.

Still not sure which accessories and home items to buy? Check out some of our favorites below, then go to Target’s Lilly Pulitzer site and view the entire lookbook.

10.  Double Zip Organizer – My Fans, $16.00

lp1 Double Zip Organizer. Photo: Courtesy/Target

The gorgeous blue and pink print design adds a fresh, colorful twist to an ordinary, everyday necessity. Plus, it’s the perfect portable size to fit into a small purse or handbag.

9. L’Oreal Colour Riche Designer Extraordinaire Lipstick #201 Rose Symphony, $7.00

lp2 L'Oreal Colour Riche Designer Extraordinaire Lipstick. Photo: Courtesy/Target

L’Oreal’s flattering shade of rose comes in gorgeous silver packaging with an engraved cap. The moisturizing formula is thick and creamy, and the color goes well with any skintone.

8. Essie Polish – Forget Me Nots, $8.49

lp3 Essie Forget Me Nots. Photo: Courtesy/Target

A part of Essie’s exclusive collection for Lilly Pulitzer’s Target line, this particular shade of pink is just soft enough for everyday casual wear, and just bright enough to make the transition into warmer weather.

7. Pierced Metal Candle Holder – White with Gold Interior, $25.00

lp4 Lilly Pulitzer Candle Holder. Photo: Courtesy/Target

Intricately designed, this gold and white candle holder is available in three sizes, 10 inches, five inches and 14.5 inches.

6. Glass Wine Bucket, $30.00

lp5 Glass Wine Bucket. Photo: Courtesy/Target

Most wine buckets are silver stainless steel – and they’re boring. The Lilly Pulitzer wine bucket consists of thick durable glass. And the bottom is pink, because it’s Lilly Pulitzer.

5. Gold Plated Giraffe Bottle Opener, $10.00

lp6 Gold-plated Giraffe Bottle Opener. Photo: Courtesy/Target

You never know when you’ll need a bottle opener. This gold plated opener has the head and neck of a giraffe – the perfect conversation starter at a summer party.

4. Ribbon Elastics – My Fans, $5.00

lp7 Ribbon elastics. Photo: Courtesy/Target

These colorful elastics are perfect for working out or putting your hair up on a hot summer day. They’re also printed with Pulitzer’s signature, attention-grabbing designs.

3. Cocktail Glasses With Gold Rim, $30

home_cocktail-glasses-with-gold-rim---set-of-4 Cocktail glasses. Photo: Courtesy/Target

These cocktail glasses will add a colorful addition to anyone’s casual summer cocktail party, available in blue, orange, green and pink.

2. Beach Towel – Giraffing Me Crazy, $25.00

lp8 Lilly Pulitzer beach towel. Photo: Courtesy/Target

This bright pink beach towel comes with a giraffe print. Perfect for the beach or outdoor party.

1. Gold Plated Wine Toppers With Corkscrew – Set of Four, $20.00

lp9 Lilly Pulitzer Gold-plated wine bottle stoppers and corkscrew. Photo: Courtesy/Target

This set is the perfect party gift for the wine lover – three bottle stoppers and a wine bottle opener should make even the pickiest pinot noir lover happy.