The second half of “Limitless” season 1 marked the return of Bradley Cooper, who plays Senator Edward Morra. With the actor re-joining the cast of the hit series, Jake McDorman shared his thoughts about Cooper’s return, along with other interesting details about the midseason premiere.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, McDorman who plays Brian Finch, stated that he was excited to have Cooper back on the “Limitless” team. He even admitted that some of them still can’t believe that the actor has joined the series. “I think there’s still a little element of us all pinching ourselves, you know? ... To have Bradley totally committed to coming in to act, it’s like, ‘Nuh uh! Get out. That’s crazy!’ So every time we have him back, it’s really great. This is the third time he’s back, and I know he’s already talked to me about coming back again.” McDorman said.

He also looking forward to how much Cooper’s character Senator Morra has changed in the second half of “Limitless” season 1. In the midseason premiere, Cooper’s character has started his presidential campaign. However, it wasn’t not a happy reunion for the two characters given the threat of an assassination, specifically on Cooper’s character's life, E!News reported. This had Brian trying to sabotage the FBI’s investigation that would potential uncover Senator Morra’s connection with NZT.

During McDorman’s interview with Entertainment Weekly, he shared that it was something that his character was tasked to ensure doesn’t happen. However, Rebecca played by Jennifer Carpenter, has started to piece together some of the clues about Cooper’s character. “He can’t stop Rebecca from being a great detective,” McDorman said of his character Brian. “It’s no information that I think Rebecca has any pressure or any obligation to necessarily share with Brian. I mean, it has everything to do with him, but she doesn’t know that.”

The actor also told Entertainment Weekly that Rebecca’s investigation could lead to a potentially dangerous and scary situation. “It’s a little bit scary because she’s moving into this minefield that he doesn’t have access to. In fact, the more he tries to meddle with those theories, I think the more suspicious she’ll become of him. So it’s very, very, very fragile, and it’s very, very, very dangerous because we’ve already seen what happens to people on the show who get close to that,” he explained.

“Limitless” airs every Tuesday at 10 p.m. on CBS.