The first episode of CBS’ “Limitless” in 2016 is pulling out all the stops, which is made very apparent by the fact that the show is bringing back the talents of A-list star Bradley Cooper. The actor previously appeared in the original “Limitless” film, of which the series is based, and when his character’s life is threatened in episode 12, it may undo everything the FBI has been working toward since the premiere.

Cooper has showed up a handful of times on the CBS science fiction drama in order to bridge the gap between the film character, Senator Eddie Morra and the lead TV character, Brian Finch (Jake McDorman). On the show, both are useres of the super drug NZT, which unlocks a human being’s untapped brain potential, making him or her a genius. In his previous guest cameos, Morra has been a regal string puller, operating mostly in the shadows without Finch, or the audience, really knowing what he’s up to. Although he wants Finch close to the FBI’s investigation of NZT, he is keeping a safe distance from the events of the show. However, in the new episode, all that will end as he becomes the focal point of some pretty serious danger.

“When an assassin makes an attempt on Senator Edward Morra’s life, Brian is ordered to sabotage the FBI’s investigation into it in order to prevent exposing the Senator’s connection to NZT,” the episode’s TV Guide plot synopsis reads. “As Brian and Morra’s fates become further intertwined, Brian is faced with how far he’s willing to go to protect the politician.”

Although the synopsis is a little vague, the preview for episode 12, titled “The Assassination of Eddie Morra,” is far less subtle. In the video below, it becomes clear that Morra’s right-hand man, Sands (Colin Salmon), wants to use Brian in order to track down the assassin and kill her. Anyone who has watched the show in the past knows that murder is neither Finch nor Morra’s style, meaning this is either another elaborate test from the Senator, or the assassination attempt has changed the game and brought it to a decidedly dark place.

Unfortunately, fans will have to tune to “Limitless” at 10:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday to see how the stakes change in the latest cameo from Bradley Cooper.