LinkedIn Was Malfunctioning A Little On Tuesday But Techs Fixed The Problem

Parts of the site won't load for some users
By @AlexCKaufman on

LinkedIn malfunctioned on Tuesday for a little less than an hour, with portions of the site not loading for some users.

"We are aware that our site has had some intermittent issues over the last 30 minutes or so," Hani Durzy, director of corporate communications, said in an email. "From what we've seen, some people are having a difficult time seeing some parts of the site, on and off."

When a reporter tried to view his own profile on the professional networking site, an error message appeared, saying he and that user had no common connections, which quickly prompting him to joke about it on Twitter.

LinkedIn also appeared drawn to Twitter, where it was updating users on the status of the repairs through the handle @LinkedInHelp.

The company said later that it had "cleared" the error.


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