Sometimes you just can’t go home again. In an interview with HuffPost Live, Lisa Kudrow ruled out the possibility of staging a “Friends” reunion any time soon. When asked about the constant reunion rumors, the 49-year-old actress and comedian nixed the idea, stating she was “too old” to participate and that they would have to “recast” the part.

"I wouldn't even have an interest in seeing what those people are doing 10 years later as parents that have to be responsible,” Kudrow said. “It would be so different that it wouldn't be 'Friends' anymore. Have I talked anybody out of wanting a reunion?"

Kudrow later clarified that she would indeed participate if the original creators were brought on board. "Of course, I would do it if everyone wanted to do it,” she said. “And everyone isn't the six of us -- it's David Crane and Marta Kauffman, who created the show. They would have to write it."

Kudrow isn’t the first “Friends” alumni to express reservations about participating in a reunion project. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer Aniston said that a proposed “Friends” reunion film wouldn’t work. "I can't imagine what that would be,” Aniston said. “It's not normal. 'Friends' is in your living room; 'Friends' is not in a movie theater. It doesn't make sense to me. I think it would be going against its authentic self."

Additionally, Matt LeBlanc told Entertainment Weekly that any reunion of the six friends was bound to be a disappointment. "Everyone’s going to have different vision of what those characters are like, so to have that materialize is going to disappoint most people,” LeBlanc said. “A couple of people will go, 'That's what I thought!' but for the most part it’s going to let people down. It's better to let them just think."

Series co-creator Kauffman also weighed in on rumors of a “Friends” reunion. "I'm going to clear this up -- it's not happening!" she told E! Online. "Friends was about that time in your life when your friends are your family, and, once you have a family, there's no need anymore."

Kudrow has been making the rounds promoting the third season of her comedy series, “Web Therapy.” Kudrow portrays Fiona Wallace, a psychiatrist who treats patients via webcam. The show’s guest stars have included “Friends” co-stars David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox and Matt LeBlanc, as well as Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Conan O’Brien, Meryl Streep and more.

The third season of “Web Therapy” premieres tonight at 11 p.m. ET on Showtime.