Lisa Robin Kelly, best known for her role on “That 70’s Show” as Laurie Foreman, has suffered a series of public domestic disputes over the years and shows no sign of reforming, recent reports show.

The 42-year-old actress and her 61-year-old husband were both taken into custody Monday night in North Carolina after allegedly getting into fight at their home that escalated into a violent altercation, reported TMZ.

Kelly, who has a history of substance abuse, pled guilty to a DUI in August 2010 after being pulled over on the road by police. The actress was ordered to complete 12 months of unsupervised probation and pay a fine.

Police said drugs and alcohol did not play a part in the new arrests, and that neither Kelly nor her husband showed any visible injuries. But the dispute marked the second such incident for the couple.

Kelly and her husband got into another serious fight at their home in March that had police called in. Kelly was held on $50,000 bail for corporal injury of a spouse, but the charges were later dropped.

She later denied that she had been violent towards her husband, claiming that he made up the incident in an effort to discredit her and destroy her career. But a mug shot taken of her at the jail was widely circulated and sparked rumors that Kelly had been under the influence of drugs at the time of her arrest.

Kelly also denied those rumors, calling them "a bunch of made-up stuff.” She also made an appearance on the “Today” show where she addressed the rumors that she had been high at the time. "Absolutely not,” responded Kelly. “There is nothing that I was on or abusing at that time." Kelly added that she was three months sober at the time.