Sections of Liverpool fans are in uproar after their new third kit had a tinge of blue on it, with comments on the club's official website indicating certain displeasure at the 'Reds' having to wear blue.

The designers attempted a throwback to Liverpool's first ever home kit adorned back in 1892, after the club broke away from Everton. However, the move, attempted to raise nostalgia, has instead brought scorn from many supporters.

One supporter commented, It's got blue on it! Are they mad? Anyone wearing this kit should be ejected from the stadium and directed to Goodison Park. Pitiful.

Another was more realistic, saying I think it's OK. It's different which is what a 3rd Kit should be like. Anyone complaining about the blue on it, we've had blue on our away many times, the gold and blue one that we won the FA Cup in in 2001, the Green and Blue one the year before, the White and Blue one the year after, the blue tealy one from 08/09. The blue is nothing new.

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