Paper-based computing platform giant Livescribe hopes to make an impact on the market by introducing the new 'Connect' feature to its Echo and Pulse smartpens.

The new improved smartpen application, which was announced on May 23, is aimed at winning customer use and satisfaction.

The Connect will enable the user to send handwritten notes and audio clips that have been captured with a smartpen, called Pencast, to contacts and other online applications the user chooses.

The pencast applications include google docs, e-mails, evernote, facebook and other mobile devices.

“Livescribe is liberating notes and evolving human communication, collaboration, productivity, and learning,” said Jim Marggraff, CEO and Founder of Livescribe. “Millions of pages of handwritten notes are taken daily in meetings, classes, and brainstorming sessions. These notes have incredible value, but are trapped in the pages of your notebook. With Livescribe Connect, it is easy to make your handwritten notes and spoken information digital, searchable, shareable and accessible anytime, anywhere with a simple tap of your smartpen.”

The consumer, in order to use the Livescribe, will simply need to draw a line and write the names of the particular destinations like Facebook or Evernote and then tap the page or make a circle around the text to send. The next time the smartpen is connected to the computer, the desired notes and the audio will be sent as a pencast.

“Livescribe’s Pencast PDF is an innovative new use of Adobe technology that leverages the power of embedded Flash within a standard format – the PDF,” said Dan Fraisl, Livescribe Chief Product Officer – Software and Services. “With Adobe’s new sharing capabilities, like SendNow, Livescribe customers can also easily send large pencast files quickly and securely to colleagues and peers.”

The 2GB Livescribe Connect smartpen pack is available for $99.95, which includes different Livescribe accessories and papers, at Amazon, Best Buy, Staple’s Store and, a report on the official Livescribe website said.

Customers can download and install the latest version of Livescribe Desktop here.