Psychics: People generally either love them or hate them.

They’re viewed either as all-knowing godly beings or spiritual quacks only out to fool the masses and steal money from the weak-minded.

I typically tend to “walk the line,” wanting to believe in the afterlife but being skeptical enough to question from time to time whether those who claim to have a sixth sense are truly communicating with the dead or really just professional guessers.

When I met with Long Island psychic medium Christopher Allan, we began our interview by talking about energy and how it never really dies.

“Energy can’t be destroyed,” he said. “It is science, and it’s been proven over and over again.”

Allan believes consciousness, in addition to energy, is never snuffed out.

He then began to explain what he sees when doing a reading: “I see little LED light bulbs in different colors, with each color having a different meaning.”

Allan is just 26 years old, but said he had been having paranormal experiences since the age of eight.

He joked that he used to work in a supermarket and instead of stocking Rice Krispies he'd be giving a reading to a woman who had just lost her nephew. 

There must be something in the Long Island water, because Allan joins the ranks of “Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo and “Crossing Over” John Edward—all of whom are from New York’s famous fished-shaped island.

I asked Allan if he had met the other L.I. mediums, arguably the two most famous in the country, and he explained that though he had been advised to get in touch with Caputo before her TLC show, he chose not to.

He saw Edward when he was 16, but the medium counseled him to focus on “being a kid.”

At the time it sounded like sound advice, but Allan soon started to suffer from sore throats and head colds, which he attributed to his throat chakra, vishuddha, being closed off.

The Long Island medium felt he needed to communicate with people, to let others know that consciousness does go on.

"Although I have big dreams and I put high expectations on myself and believe I am equal in ability to my older and more famous colleges, material success or fame is not what I hope to achieve," he said. 

Though it’s not his own television show, Allan appeared on an episode of MTV’s hit show “True Life.” His episode, “I Have Paranormal Abilities” focused on three young people with psychic capabilities.

The 26-year-old explained he didn’t like the show much since it portrayed him as depressed because of his ability, when he’s only seen being a medium as a gift.

In actuality Allan had contacted MTV to be on a show about people struggling between two passions, in his case music and being a psychic.

He’s currently the lead singer in a band called Paging Grace, and their latest album “Take Back Your Freedom” will appeal to fans of Daughtry, The Fray, The Script and One Republic, according to his website.

As our interview began to wind down, and I finished jotting down my last notes, he asked, “Does the name Francesca mean anything to you?”

After asking if I had the same name as someone, he explained he was hearing “John Jacob Heimer Schmidt” and he went on to give me an hour long reading, where he revealed that my grandmother came through.

I asked if he actually saw her, but he explained when he is doing a reading the person coming through doesn't have any physical properties-- it's all energy.  Allan said he goes with the intuition he's feeling. 

When meeting with Allan I hoped I would get a reading, but we hadn’t discussed it prior to meeting. But all of the information he said was generally spot on.

He’s an incredibly down-to-earth man, and from the moment that I met him I felt comfortable. After giving me the reading from my grandmother, where he explained she was my protector, I walked away feeling loved and impressed with the things Allan had accurately touched on.

While he’s not completely sold on whether he wants a career in music or as a psychic, there’s no doubt he has talent as a medium.

Christopher Allan can be reached at I’m Still Here.