China Fashion Week is like a fantastical, mystical world unto itself.

Straight off the pages of an ancient Chinese fairytale, models walked down the runways in a haute couture mix of traditional Chinese embroidery, bold neon colors, regal silhouettes, and temporary tattoos.

China Fashion Week opened in Beijing on Oct. 25 showcasing designers like NE TIGER and AS August Silk Guo Baobao.

The haute couture industry in China is developing vigorously without any signs of slowing down. This is above my expectation, said Zhang Zhifeng, founder of NE TIGER, the oldest luxury brand in China, to Reuters. Zhifeng founded the line 19 years ago and he has seen exponential growth since then.

I thought my haute couture would live only with a small group of people, but now it is expanding very quickly. Consumers have become increasingly fond of Chinese traditional culture.

One of the inspirations for his line is the Tang Dynasty, AD 618 to AD 907. Models could be seen wearing ancient Chinese styles such as floral embroidery, red and black coloring, and long, thickly layered pieces.

China Fashion Week has already displayed an astonishing kaleidoscope of colors, shapes, and architectural designs.

China's fashion world is exploding.

And Asian models are currently all the rage in the fashion world.

From the top designer shows in New York to ads for the all-American brand J. Crew, a new group of supermodels is taking center stage. Move over, Heidi, Gisele and Naomi, and make way for Du Juan, Shu Pei and rising star Liu Wen, says Stephanie Sy and Kinga Janik for ABC News.

Wen was one of the hottest, most-wanted models at New York Fashion Week for Spring 2012.

She was also the first Chinese model to walk the Victoria's Secret runway.