Homeland security arrested over two dozen of Mexican gang members in New York City on Wednesday. Those arrested were reportedly part of the Los Vagos gang, who terrorize residents in East Harlem and parts of the Bronx.

A total of 25 people were lead away in cuffs. They will be charged with attempted murder, gun possession and other drug charges.

Today along with other teams we are going to be executing about 30 warrants, said one official who asked to not be identified, according to NY1.com.

Prosecuters say that the gang was selling drugs and engaged in violent acts in order to protect their turf against the Latin Kings. Homeland Security officials said that removing the gang members of streets will make the neighborhoods they controlled a safer place.

We learned through the use of federal wiretaps that individuals actually shot at rival gang members. Actually, on one occasion, they hit a rival gang member but did not kill the individual. Their intent was not just to scare but to kill, said James Hayes, the ICE Homeland Security Investigations special agent in charge, according to NY1.com.