When it comes to the Louis C.K. show “Louie,” the comedian needs to be inspired to make new episodes, which is why the show hasn’t aired since last spring.

In an interview with Deadline, FX Networks CEO John Landgraf said the 48-year-old star isn’t interested in creating new “Louie” material because of where he is in his life. 

“He said publicly that he just has no more ‘Louie’ to make at the moment about the stage in life he is living, and right now his focus very aggressively is on producing,” Landgraf explained.

Despite C.K.’s new aim, the FX boss said he’s hopeful that something will happen to the funnyman personally that will spark some ideas for a sixth season of the show, and he thinks age could be a motivating factor.

“I think my hope with ‘Louie’ is that when he entered the next phase in his life — and I have no idea what that means, whether his kids get a little older or he falls in love, whatever — that will give him a pathway towards making more episodes of the show,” he said.

Meanwhile, C.K’s “Louie” co-star and co-writer Pamela Adlon is set to launch her own FX show titled “Better Things” in September, according to IMDb. When she experienced writer’s bock for the show, she reached out to C.K. for help.

“When I was first coming up with ideas for the show it was really hard for me,” she told Deadline. “I was blocked and talking to Louie about it. I could come up with ideas for him all day long, but when it came to me I was stopped.”

Just like “Louie,” “Better Things” will be semi-autobiographical and pull from Adlon’s experience of being a single mother-of-three who’s also a struggling actress, which the lead character Sam happens to be.

As far as the return of “Louie,” it’s unknown whether Season 5 will be the last and hopefully like Larry David, C.K. return after working on outside projects. In fact, Landgraf was asked if he tried to use David’s return to “Curb Your Enthusiasm” as motivation for C.K., and he said he didn't, because he wants new episodes to come from a place of creativity, not obligation.

“No but I know he saw it, and he knows I know he saw it,” said the FX boss about alerting C.K. to “Curb Your Enthusiasm’s” return to HBO. “But ultimately I don’t want him to make episodes unless he wants to and they can be as good as the ones he made,”  added Landgraf. “This shouldn’t be a business exercise, it should be something creatively inspiring for him.”