Louisville Cardinals guard Kevin Ware suffered one of the more horrific injuries in recent sports memory Sunday, but sadly players and sports fans have seen things like this before.

Ware underwent successful surgery on his shattered leg in two places, and the sophomore was already on crutches, as seen on his Twitter feed and a report by CBS News. Ware's teammates were visibly shaken, and head coach Rick Pitino was also seen wiping away tears. 

Pitino was quoted saying Ware is in good spirits after doctors set his leg and inserted a rod. The Cardinals ended up beating Duke and moving on to the Final Four, after Ware reportedly told them to play on and win.

There have been numerous gruesome leg injuries over the years, across every major sport, from football and baseball, to the world of professional wrestling.

Former Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann suffered one of worst and best known against the New York Giants in 1985 on “Monday Night Football”

Theismann’s career was over after that play, and he expressed his condolences to Ware.

“It’s a terrible, terrible [thing] to see. My prayers go out to him, my heart goes out to him,” Theismann said to USA Today. “I know what his family is going through. I have every belief that he’s going to be back and better than he was.”

Below are videos, including one of Theismann, that show some of the worst in recent memory.

They are very graphic in nature, and should be viewed at your own discretion.

Joe Theismann NFL

Napoleon McCallum NFL

Moises Alou MLB

Eduardo, Arsenal

Sid Vicious, WCW