Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” aired a new episode Monday night, continuing the drama from its Season 2 premiere last week. On episode 2, titled “Friend or Foe,” Teairra Mari and Princess Love bond over Ray J drama, Moniece and Rich Dollaz’s relationship gets serious, and Nia Riley and Soulja Boy hit a rough patch.

In last week's premiere, Teairra was surprisingly nice to Ray J's girlfriend Princess and even offered her some advice on how to deal with the drama. In the new episode, the two ladies meet up for drinks and once again bond over the "One Wish" singer. However, it seems like Teairra may have some ulterior motives for wanting to befriend Princess.

In her confessional, the "Deserve" singer says, “If Princess wants to be friendly then I’m down to play, but don’t think I won’t have my guard up. And if I see something I can use to my advantage, you best believe I will.” Teairra also admits she's still hurt over the way Ray J treated her last year. Later in the episode, Ray J and Teairra meet to talk about her friendship with Princess, and she admits to the camera she's out for revenge and trying to cause tension between Ray J and his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Nia Riley and Soulja Boy are going through their own relationship issues when a woman named Nas tells Teairra and Nikki she's been sleeping with the rapper. Of course, Nikki tells Nia that Nas is running around town trying to claim Soulja Boy. Nia reveals that she and Nas used to be friends, and the personal trainer hooked up with the "Crank Dat" rapper a long time ago.

When Nia doesn't seem too upset over Nas' comments, Nikki asks if they are in an open relationship. Nia explains that she doesn't have time to worry about all the other women after her man.

“At the end of the day, I’m with him every day. I’m home with him. I know my place,” says Nia. However, Soulja Boy admitted to Fizz earlier in the episode that Nia is his “main chick” and she’s OK with him seeing other women while he's away on tour.

While Nia and Nas are fighting over Soulja Boy, Moniece Slaughter is head over heels in love with Rich Dollaz. The hip hop producer admits he's falling for Moniece, but has a major issue with a tattoo she got for an old boyfriend.

Moniece agrees to remove the ink because they have a "forever kind of love," but in exchange she wants Rich to permanently relocate to Los Angeles. Rich seems skeptical and thinks Moniece is moving too fast when she asks him about getting engaged and moving in together.