Milan Christopher and his ex-boyfriend Miles Brock are still not getting along, and this time former “Basketball Wives” star Sundy Carter was dragged into their beef. Sundy and Milan have been hurling insults and jabs at each other on social media, all because of their respective relationships with Miles.

According to VH1, Milan and Sundy’s feud started Wednesday after the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star posted a cryptic Instagram message seemingly taking a jab at his ex. “When your ex on social media still with that fake shiiii but still texting your phone.” Milan also included a screenshot of a not-so-friendly text exchange between him and Miles.


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Even though Milan made sure not to mention Miles by name in his post, many fans assumed that it was in reference to reports that Miles is now dating Sundy. Miles quickly fired back at Milan, telling his VH1 co-star it’s time to move on from their breakup. “When your Psychotic Ex is BLOCKED from all your social media, doesn’t have your new number but still uses your name to stay relevant,” he wrote.  “F--- OUTTA HERE! It’s OVER! LEAVE ME ALLLLOOOONNNNEEEEEE! You’re SICK!!!”

Miles’ comment caused Milan to come back with his own insult, but he also took jabs at Miles’ rumored new girlfriend. “Wait.. How can a person who doesn’t have a job, a car in his name, a career, no coins in the bank, nothing going on a but a fake relationship with an irrelevant chick … consider himself relevant?” he wrote.

It’s not clear why Milan insulted Sundy in his feud with Miles, but she fired back with an expletive-filed Instagram post. “He doesn’t want to go to couples therapy with you get over it! For you to speak in such a way about @siirbrock screams your fake having a--is too invested and emotional!”  she wrote. You can read Sundy’s full message here.

In another post, Sundy also accused Milan of lying about his real name and having a criminal past. “TELL & SPELL your real name Millaun Christopher and stop riding the Gordy’s good name (More Lies),” she wrote in a lengthy post. “You have a criminal record longer … You sued your mother and WON… You must have resentment about that maybe that’s why you so ANGRY.”

It appears that Sundy and Milan’s feud is far from over. According to Wetpaint, the former “Basketball Wives” star posted nude photos of Milan from an alleged sex tape he has but eventually deleted them.