Ray J has done a complete 360 with his life. The “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star admitted in a new interview that he has given up partying and his wild antics for a much calmer life with his new wife, Princess Love.

On Season 2 of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” Ray J and Princess’ relationship almost fell apart due to the singer’s partying, cheating and constantly surrounding himself with other women. Now, all of that is behind Ray J who told People magazine that he would much rather stay home with Princess. “The main thing for me is just her being happy,” he said. “I had my fun and I survived it. A lot of people don’t survive. They get caught up in it.”

According to the outlet, Ray J admitted that he used to be a “little bitty cheater” but is now “ready for the next chapter in life.” He explained: “There were so many people pulling us. Now I don’t really think about sex and groupies. I used to turn up all day and love it and own it.”

One way Ray J has been able to turn things around is by cutting out alcohol. Princess did the same thing and no longer drinks. “I decided to just change up for her and it’s been great,” he said. “It’s been a 360-degree turnaround without the alcohol. I changed up my environment and started to become the person that I felt was the best me I could be.”

The “Curtains Closed” singer also dished to the magazine about starting a family with his VH1 co-star. Ray J said he wants their kids to have a “chill life” and will raise them in Austin, Texas, where Princess is from. “I know what it’s like to grow up in Hollywood … being a kid in Hollywood getting swallowed up in all these things. I want them to have a chill life and understand what that is. I’m ready for that,” he said.

Cutting out alcohol hasn’t only helped strengthen Ray J and Princess’ relationship. The model revealed in an Instagram post Wednesday that she dropped 40 pounds by, working out, adopting a vegan lifestyle and no longer drinking. “I went from 163lbs to 123lbs in 7 months the healthy way, by changing my diet and working out,” she posted. “When I was thicker I was eating junk food and drinking every day.”

Ray J and Princess got married last Friday at the Vibian cathedral in Los Angeles. News of their engagement broke in January when they both shared images of her huge diamond ring. Ray J later told OK! Magazine that he popped the question on an airplane tarmac before they headed to Arizona for a trip. Princess’ family and friends were waiting on the private plan to help the couple celebrate.