Who was Yandy Smith firing shots at on Instagram? Earlier this week, the “Love & Hip-Hop” star posted a cryptic message to her page and seemingly accused someone of sponging off her fame. She didn’t give an indication as to who that person is, nor did she provide any details, but her message was still pretty clear.

In short, Smith said the only way for people to keep their sanity is to avoid those who take advantage of you. “In the end, avoiding the leech is your only way of remaining sane,” she wrote next to a cartoon drawing of a woman and what looks to be a leech. The post has since been deleted.

Then in the caption space, the VH1 reality star accused someone of making money off her but again, she didn’t provide a name or any specifics. “Thou shalt not make one more penny off of me,” she wrote. “Bye Felicias.”

Smith’s message comes nine months after her husband Mendeecees Harris was sentenced to eight years in prison for drug-trafficking, according to The Boombox. She threw him a huge party before he went away in January but received some backlash because some thought the convicted felon shouldn’t have been celebrated.

There were others, however, who praised Smith for standing by her man, which she’s certainly done since he was convicted and sentenced. At the time, she also thanked her fans for their kind words and well-wishes.

“Thank you for your continued support,” she wrote. “You have no idea how much your love and encouragement means. We finally have closure and are prepared and ready for all the future holds. God and love always prevails. Thank you God for family and love. I consider some of you I never met family.”

In regards to the person Smith accused of sponging off her, maybe she’ll provide a back story or give a name in the near future, but we’ll have to wait and see.