In a most strange but romantic incident, a love letter written to a California University of Pennsylvania student declaring everlasting love was delivered 53 years later.

The letter was addressed to a Clark Moore, then a junior at the university which at the time was called California State Teachers College and was signed by his sweetheart Love Forever, Vonnie.

Apart from a return address the letter contained very little information. According to the university spokeswoman, Christine Kindl, the letter was postmarked February 20, 1958 and arrived in the mailroom last week, reported Reuters.

No one here has any idea why it was delayed, she said. Kindl added that the letter was an archetypal one that a student today would write to a loved one way at college and ended with the words I still miss you as much as ever and love you a thousand times more. Please write me real soon.'

As of now the letter is languishing in the University's mailroom while officials are trying to track its rightful recipient.

Reuters reports that Kindl said that Moore would now be about 70 years old and living near Indianapolis. The university hopes to deliver the letter to Moore and has received a few tips on his possible whereabouts, she said.