“Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions” leaps from consoles to mobile devices this week, thanks to game developer Lucid Games and Sierra Games. The port will reportedly come with a good number of the features found in the console game, with future content to be added through updates.

According to Touch Arcade, the game will be a paid purchase and will cost $4.99, with no in-app purchases to bother gamers. This is to ensure that the game is a faithful port of the critically acclaimed console games, which can be considered a good move on the part of Lucid Games.

There’s also plenty of variety to be had with “Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions” for iOS, thanks to the number of modes Lucid Games have added to the mobile shooter. There's the game’s classic mode from previous iterations of the “Geometry Wars” titles, which allows gamers to play in Deadline, Waves, Pacifism, Evolved and King modes.

The mode that might get people talking, however, is the new Adventure mode. This mode has players experience new stages that are circular and spherical and aren’t available in the game’s classic mode. Players can also choose the five modes of games mentioned above while also having access to power-ups that can help players defeat their enemies faster.

Seeing as this is a mobile port of a console game, the controls have been optimized to fit a mobile device. According to Pocket Gamer, the default setting for the mobile shooter will have the ship automatically shooting at enemies, with the player moving the ship around to hit specific enemies and dodge incoming attacks.

If there were any downside to “Geometry Wars 3” for the iOS, it would be the lack of multiplayer modes, as the multiplayer aspect of the game has been scrapped entirely. Aside from that, the game looks to be a perfect port of the console games, with the downloadable content (DLC) packs coming in future “Geometry Wars 3” updates. 

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions (Credit: YouTube/Sierra Games)