Internet hacking group LulzSec took down UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) website with a barrage of denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. 

SOCA functions somewhat like a UK version of the FBI.

This time, however, Lulzsec may not have perpetrated the attack for lulz, the reason for many of its previous attacks.

Instead, the attack was part of Operation Anti-Security.   The operation seeks to hack any and all government websites.  LulzSec has teamed up with Anonymous to do so and urge Netizens everywhere to join their rebellion.

What is the motivation behind this rebellion?

LulzSec listed several grievances, including the encroachment of Internet freedom and privacy.  It also seeks to steal and leak any classified government information, which sounds like a page right out of Wikileaks' book.

That's because it probably is. 

LulzSec complained about some of the same things as Wikileaks, namely the hoarding of secret and incriminating information by a group of global elites who are profiteering gluttons.

Moreover, it urged Netizens to support

In a way, LulzSec is now attempting to continue the work of Wikileaks.  However, instead of receiving information from willing informants, LulzSec plans to take it by hacking.