Those Apple iPhone 6 owners who don't mind shelling out $1,000 for a case/back cover to protect their beloved handsets are in for a deluxe treat from Gresso. The luxury smartphone accessory maker is known for its elegant products.

The new Apple iPhone 6 case dubbed the “Gresso Regal Case” is available for the coming iPhone 6s as well. The case is built with 18K gold and Grade 5 titanium. In addition to the elevated look, the case comes with a magnetic lock mechanism in Gresso style, notes Phone Arena.

Because of the magnetic system, the Gresso Regal case shuts and opens with one move. The function keys and various ports can be accessed by users at all times. Technically, the case is carved from PVD-coated titanium. This is crafted by eight hours of machine work, in addition to three hours of manual polish. Therefore, Phone Arena says, the Regal case is resistant to mechanical stress, protected from compression and deformation.

Despite being a luxury accessory, the case is nowhere close to being flashy. Gresso has opted for luxury minimalism by avoiding diamonds and jewelry studding. Buyers can find the Gresso Regal Case at the official Website. The Regal case comes as a limited collection; only 999 units will be sold. Every case will have its number engraved on a golden plate, a signature design of Gresso.