It didn’t take long for rapper Gucci Mane to start making music again. The day after he was released from prison, Gucci dropped a new track Friday, which was produced by Mike Will Made It, called “First Day Out Tha Feds.”

The song is already available on SoundCloud. Within minutes of being released, the song had more than 66,000 plays. Click here to listen. The lyrics have been provided below:

I’m hearing shooters load pistols while I’m brushin’ my teeth

I get so many death threats it’s gettin’ normal to me.

But I bend but don’t break

I don’t ask just take

Black gloves and black tape

and I don’t pray nor play.

I wake up and take a p---

I hear ’em sharpenin’ knives

My main focus every day

Is makin’ it out here alive.

I take a shower in my boots

And go to sleep in my shows

I just had a nightmare yesterday

Them killers ran in my room

I been tryin’ to be patient but n----

I can’t wait on the chance to kill my enemies and beat my case.

So when they ask me how I feel about ’em I cant say

Cuz you either wit me; against me

Or in my way.

I got a pack of hungry wolves

And if I don’t feed ’em

Then they might turn on me and feel like I don’t need ’em.

I keep the best pedigree

But heel I don’t breed ’em

I know it’s a lot of people and I can’t blame ’em.

They call me crazy so much

I think I’m starting to believe ’em

Cuz I did some things to folks

That was just downright evil.

Is it karma comin’ back to me

So much drama my own momma had turned her back to me and that’s my momma.

I lost 3 people very close to me all in one summer

It’s 8 years later and I still don’t know who shot up my Hummer.

But I bend but don’t break

I don’t ask, I take

Black colors and black tapes

Hey, it’s my first day.

Gucci, whose real name is Radric Davis, was released from prion four months early Thursday. In 2014, he was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

For those who like what they heard, be excited: Gucci plans to release a mix-tape called “Gucci Free.” Considering he already has one song done on his first day out, it might not be much longer until it drops.

Fans were elated when Gucci, 36, was released early. They flocked to social media, with his name being the top-trending Twitter topic Thursday.

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