The newest rumor about the release of Mac OS X Lion and MacBook Air is circulating in the Internet and it says that the release date is Wednesday at 8:30 a.m (EST), according to MacRumor and 9to5mac.

So far the only thing can be confirmed is that Apple Retail stores already received some final copies of OS X Lion and have installed them on demo computers in the store, which means the release is just around the corner even if it can't guarantee a specific launch date.

Apple didn't confirmed the rumor, but neither did it deny it, only announcing on the website that OS X Lion will be launching some day in July. On July 1, Apple already gave the 'Gold Master' version of OS X Lion to developers. Actually the Gold Master version will be the final shipping version of OS X Lion.

According to Apple, the Lion can be downloaded from the Mac App Store for $29.99. The announcement on June 6 said the Lion will have more than 250 new features, including picture-in-picture zoom, international braille tables in a wide range of languages, iPhoto faces, FaceTime calling from the address book, and social networking incorporated into the address book.

Except Mac OS X Lion, Apple will probably release the new MacBook Air and Mac Mini computers at the same time, AppleInsider said.

Meanwhile, the updated MacBook Air will feature the return of a backlit keyboard, a minimum of 128 GB solid state drives and 4 GB of RAM, which the Apple fans have been waiting for. The forthcoming MacBook Air could be installed with the Mac OS X Lion ready at the time of release.

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