Apple is heavily speculated to announce the MacBook Pro 2016 in June this year. Rumors say that the arrival of the new MacBook Pro will result in the axing of MacBook Air series.

The first model of MacBook Air was launched in 2008 and its most recent version was launched last year. None of the MacBook Air models feature Retina Display. Since last year, the rumor mill has been saying the MacBook Air 2016 will be launched with Retina Display. However, fresh rumors surrounding MacBook Pro 2016 models indicate that their arrival will probably result in the axing of MacBook Air lineup.

Early speculations indicate that Apple will be launching a 13-inch and a 15-inch MacBook Pro 2016 this year. The 2016 MacBook Pro models are expected to sport thinner form factor. It will be lighter than the MacBook Air 2015 models. Also, in terms of design, the upcoming MacBook Pro model is pegged to resemble the 12-inch MacBook from last year. Hence, the rumor mill is suggesting that the 13-inch MacBook Pro will be launched instead of 2016 MacBook Air with Retina Display.

With the launch of 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch iPad Pro models, Apple has retired the iPad lineup. And now, it is expected to do the same with the MacBook Air lineup. Apple is speculated to release a 12-inch Retina MacBook model this year that will come with low-end specs compared to the MacBook Pro 2016 that will sport thinner design and advanced specs, BGR reported.

The California company has not revealed any information on 2016 MacBook Pro models. However, speculations are rife that it will be revealing the new MacBook Pro models at the forthcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016 event that will take place June 13-17. The new notebooks are rumored to come with touch-sensitive keyboards that will not feature any physical keys.