As the “Mad Max” game prepares for its release, developer Avalanche Studios has decided to release an interactive trailer for fans of the game. The trailer offers fans three ways for Max to handle a number of situations with plenty of enemies, each one being very violent in its own right. The trailer also empathizes how important the car combat will be when the game comes out.

The main point of the gameplay video is to show that players have unlimited control over how the missions are played out, according to Push Square. Players can choose to snipe out enemies from their base or simply go in with guns blazing everywhere. It seems like the game does not plan on hindering the player for whatever style he or she chooses to play.

Each choice is worth checking out though according to PlayStation Lifestyle. This way, fans can see how destructive they can get with the missions when “Mad Max” gets released on Sept. 1 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The “Mad Max” game is not related to the most recent film in the series “Mad Max: Fury Road.” While the enemies bare similarities to the ones seen in “Fury Road,” it does not seem like Max will be encountering Furiosa or the Imperator anytime soon in the game.

Much like the history of “Fury Road,” the “Mad Max” video game has been in development hell for quite some time. The focus on the current-gen versions of the game lead to the cancellation of the last-gen versions of “Mad Max.”

This is a big year for developer Avalanche Studios, as not only will “Mad Max” finally get released next month, but fans are also excited for the studio’s next game “Just Cause 3.” The game’s predecessor almost broke the boundaries of an open-world game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, so it will be interesting to see what “Just Cause 3” does for current-gen consoles.

Fans can pre-order the “Mad Max” video game right now. Doing so will ensure that the player gets an exclusive vehicle to travel and fight around in the game. 

Official Mad Max “Choose Your Path” Interactive Trailer (Credit: YouTube/madmaxgame)