Maddie Ziegler’s clothing line Maddie Style has just launched online, and some pieces are already super popular among buyers.

On the clothing line's official website, Ziegler’s high-waist skinny jeans with knee tear in black, the faux leather moto jacket and the sweatshirt tunic have become the most coveted pieces from her fashion line. The skinny jeans cost $58; the jacket is priced at $89; and the sweatshirt is sold at $68. Other items range from printed t-shits, plaid shirt dresses, varsity tees, flannel shirts, jogger sweatpants and more. Each product also comes in several sizes.

Meanwhile, the interactive website also has a brief description of the former “Dance Moms” star’s collection. “A little tomboy. A little girly. Effortless jeans, tissue soft tees, easy dresses, jackets and cozy essentials. With Maddie Ziegler as creative lead and a community of liked-minded girls, we design and create limited edition collections for girls around the world,” it read. Behind-the-scenes footage from Ziegler's collaboration with some of her designers may also be found on the site.

Ziegler also wants to connect with those who will purchase items from her clothing line via Instagram. By using the hashtag #wwmy, fans of Ziegler will have a chance to be featured on the Maddie Style site.

Just recently, the 14-year-old professional dancer also shared a photo of herself wearing a piece from her collection. “This line means so much to me and I’m so excited to share it with you all. Shop the entire line now,” she wrote. Previously, Ziegler shared a short video of her unboxing the first few items from her fall collection.

Ziegler is also open to suggestions when it comes to designs and styles, and she also highly encourages that customers give her feedback about her clothes. In the coming weeks, Ziegler will start working with her team to create a new line for her spring/summer collection, according to Celeb Mix.