Madonna counseled with divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton to split from her husband, the film director Guy Ritchie, according to a report of the London Times Online yesterday.

Shackleton of British law firm Payne Hicks Beach is known for representing Paul McCartney in his controversial divorce from the model Heather Mills granting her only $48.6 million from the $160 million she demanded. The attorney also represented Prince Charles in his divorce with Princess Diana in 1996.

Madonna's fortune is estimated on $600 million. According to reports, the couple did not have pre-nuptial agreement which is commonly sought in marriages to determine the division of property should the couple divorce. In that case any settlement would be a split of 50-50 according to the London Times.

As for Ritchie is speculated he is seeking advice from a London's law firm Forsters that despite of been famous on handling lessees cases has a good reputation in matrimonial law.

The 49-year old pop singer married Guy Ritchie, 39, in Scotland in 2000 and gave birth to a son Rocco, currently 7 years old . The couple have 2 more children, Lourdes Maria, 11 daughter of Madonna's fitness instructor Carlos Leon II, and David Banda, 3, their recently adopted son born in Malawi.

Madonna's representative has not provided further comments.