The battle between Madonna and David Furnish, the husband of Elton John, continues with Furnish's recent sentiment that refuses to watch the Super Bowl 2012 halftime show from the former Material Girl.

We not exactly.

Furnish was pressed by a TMZ reporter coming out of Red O in Los Angeles, who asked if he was going to watch the Super Bowl halftime show, and answered calmly that he is not into football.

I don't watch football, Furnish said, shaking his head.

When the reporter asked if he was at least going to watch the halftime show, as it's a show in itself, Furnish responded again that he doesn't watch football.

And if you can believe it, he's actually never experience the Kentucky Derby of football games.

I've never seen it I live in Britain, he said about the Super Bowl.

While not a complete diss to Madonna personally, he did take a stab at her when Madge won an award for Best Original Song at the Golden Globes via a long-winded Facebook rant.

Madonna. Best song???? F**k off!!!, he wrote.

Madonna winning Best Original Song truly shows how these awards have nothing to do with merit, Furnish continued. Her acceptance speech was embarrassing in it's narcissism. And her critisism ofGaga shows how desperate she really is.

His husband Elton John was nominated in the same category, TMZ reported, and John believed she has no f**kin' chance of winning.