American magician Wayne Houchin sustained severe burns to his face and hand after appearing on a Dominican TV Program where his head was lit on fire.

Houchin was a guest on the Dominican Republic’s “Approach the Stars” on Nov. 26 when, he says, host Franklin Barazarte unexpectedly poured flammable cologne on his head.

While Barazarte claims the incident was an accidental prank-gone-wrong, a video shows shows the magician’s head bursting into flames as the hose runs his hands over Houchin’s hair.

A warrant has since been issue for Barazate’s arrest.

Houchin was rushed to the hospital following the incident and was found to have sustained first and second-degree burns to his face and hands.

The magician took to Facebook in an effort to clear up any confusion that might have surfaced as a result of the accident.

“This was not a stunt or part of an act. This was a criminal attack,” he wrote.

In an email to ABC News, he said: “The doctors here are cautiously optimistic that I will heal with no scars on my face.

Each day I look and feel better.  My hand, however, is in a lot of pain and isn’t healing as well as my face.”

World famous magician David Copperfield even released a statement in support of his fellow magician.

“You try to present yourself as a performer that is creating wonder and amazement and occasionally somebody might misunderstand that and might think that you’re trying to foster belief in something supernatural,” Copperfield told ABC News Sunday night.

Reports indicate that Houchin was performing on the show with a group of magicians.

After the performances, Houchin told reporters, the host told them he wanted to give them a “blessing.” Without warning, Houchin said, the host doused him with “Agua de Florida,” a flammable cologne commonly used in Santeria rituals.

The video then shows Barazarte attempting to extinguish the flames for a few seconds as Houchin lay on the floor covering his face.

It is unclear what ignited the cologne. The incident was not broadcast on Dominican television, according to The Associated Press.

Houchin and his wife earlier this year broke the world magic record for the fastest upside-down, dual strait-jacket escape.