Former police sergeant and FBI cold-case worker John Cameron has a new theory on who killed Teresa Halbach. Halbach's 2005 murder has been thrust into the spotlight again following the recent release of the Netflix documentary "Making A Murderer," which tells the story of how Wisconsin resident Steven Avery was sent to prison after being convicted of her death.

As previously reported, the 10-part docu-series has left many people enraged and convinced that Avery and his nephew Brandan Dassey were framed for the murder. There have been theories that the Wisconsin police department planted evidence on the Avery property to ensure the 53-year-old was found guilty of the crime, while Avery himself has placed the blame on a number of people, including his brothers.

Now, Cameron is weighing in and penned a blog post pinning the horrific crime on a man named Edward Wayne Edwards.

Edwards, who died in prison on April 7, 2011, was found guilty of five murders from 1977 to 1996 but was believed to have committed many more killings. According to Cameron, Edwards was known for committing a murder and then framing it on an innocent person.

The former officer, who's appeared on shows like "Dateline NBC" and "America's Most Wanted," said Edwards found his victims and people to frame in the media.

Below are 4 things to know about Edwards:

1. Edwards allegedly committed his first murder in 1945 when he was 12 years old. He allegedly didn't stop killing people until 2009, when he was captured at the age of 76 in Jefferson, Wisconsin.

2. Edwards supposedly taunted police much of his life, but knew they couldn't find the evidence needed to pin the murders on him. Cameron wrote on his website that Edwards released a religious album in 1970 asking for police to "catch him." He also wrote an autobiography called "Metamorphosis of a Criminal" where he cryptically wrote about all of his alleged killings.

3. Cameron said Edwards killed several of his victims on Halloween. Halbach disappeared from the Avery junkyard on Oct. 31, 2005.

4. Edwards reportedly only lived an hour away from the Avery junkyard at the time of the murder. Cameron also posted on his blog that a man who looks a lot like Edwards is in a scene on episode 6 of the Netflix documentary. Supposedly, Edwards would often attend the trials and funerals of his victims.