A petition against Kenneth Woodburn has nearly reached its goal of 25,000 signatures after he allegedly shot and killed his neighbor’s puppy on March 12 in Maryland. The story went viral after Woodburn apparently posted a selfie of himself and the dead dog to Facebook.

The petition, created by Theresa Fenhagen, is hoping to get the attention of St. Mary’s County States Attorney’s Office. The creator of the page wants to get justice for Tank, the puppy who Woodburn allegedly killed.

[Click here to see the photo Woodburn apparently posted to his Facebook page. Fenhagen's petition also includes a picture of Tank, the dog, and the 4-year-old little girl who he lived with.]

Fenhagen said that the puppy, who belonged to Richele Ince and her 4-year-old daughter, according to the Examiner, was shot by Woodburn once in the side and once in the head. She said that Woodburn murdered Tank because the dog wandered onto his property.

The Examiner said Tank was a pit bull-lab mix that was only a year old. He was reportedly shot near a day are center, but luckily, no stray bullets hit any children.

“The direction that he shot was the same direction as the daycare,” Fenhagen said. “The outcome that day was very sad but could have been worse.” She continued: “I am asking for support in having this person charged with any and all charges possible especially endangering a child's (or childrens life).”

Being convicted of animal cruelty is a felony in Maryland.

The Examiner added that Woodburn's previous legal troubles have involved DUI, weapons and drug violations.

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