A Canadian man was charged with his 17th DUI offense after he allegedly went for an early morning beer run despite already being plastered.

Maurice Larrivee, 69, of Quebec, went to a grocery store on Sunday morning in Sherbrooke and bought two dozen beers, when the store’s cashier and other employees allegedly noticed he was too drunk to get behind the wheel, according to the Canadian Press.

The store employees tried to convince Larrivee not to get into his car, but he did not heed their warning and they eventually called police, the paper reported.

The incident led to Larrivee being charged with his 17th DUI offense.

The 69-year-old didn’t get too far on his journey, as he was arrested by authorities in the grocery store parking lot, the Canadian Press reported.

Larrivee was last charged with DUI in 2005 and lost his license for five years as a result.

While Larrivee was charged with his 17th DUI offense, that’s not even the most in Canada.

That title belongs to Roger Walsh, who was convicted of DUI for the 19th time back in 2009.

Walsh received a life sentence for killing a woman in an alcohol-fueled hit-and-run.

The judge who handed down Walsh’s sentence called him “incorrigible.”

 "Every measure taken in the past has failed. You are incapable of quitting drinking,” the judge said.