A routine building demolition ended in tragedy this weekend after a spectator died while capturing the event on camera. Evgeny Titov, 29, died from demolition-related injuries Sunday after standing what was believed to be a safe distance from the site, a former hardware store in Russia.

According to a report from Pravda Tuesday, Titov captured the footage of his death on his cell phone during his lunch break on June 16 after construction workers used a bulldozer to tear down a two-story brick building. The victim, a resident of Lipetsk, was allegedly not told by workers supervising the scene to stand at a specific distance before being hit by flying debris.

The video, just over one-minute in length, never shows Titov, but his laugh is audible before bricks can be seen flying at the lens, knocking the cameraman and building out of view. While some viewers are calling the up-and-coming viral clip fake, the original content uploader, Andrew Rodin, claims the clip is authentic and unaltered.

Witnesses, similar to the one seen at the end of the clip, reportedly attempted to assist Titov was who unconscious after being hit with what is being described as a “tsunami of bricks.” According to relatives, Titov died from sustained injuries including: a smashed skull, broken ribs, a fractured pelvis and damaged internal organs. According to a report from Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty, the victim is survived by his wife and 3-year-old daughter.

The Sun, which reported the victim's name as "Eugene," reported Tuesday that authorities are currently investigating workers of Evrostroy Construction for alleged safety violations. One unidentified male seen filming the demolition with his own cell phone in the clip sustained no injuries from the accident; another male was reportedly treated for minor injuries.