A violent gang fight in San Rafael resulted in the death of 21 year old Jeffrie Lee Olmstead.

The events started around 5pm when witnesses reported a group of men running with bats and stick towards two vehicles and drove off near the 600 bllock of B Street in San Rafael. The red Ford Explorer chased the white Pontiac Grand Am car into a dead end where a fight broke loose.

Olmstead and two others in the Explorer were stabbed. Olmstead later jumped out of the red Explorer and ran up a driveway for help before collapsing onto the resident’s patio.

The victim was rushed to Marin General Hospital where he later died of stab wounds under his arm, which may have collapsed his lung. The two other wounded victims were also treated for injuries after being dropped off at the emergency room.

Carlos Guiterrez, 18, and three other teens from Novato High school and County Community School ages 16 and 17 were arrested on charges of murder and gang related activities. Investigators are continuing their search for more evidence from the crime scene.