Man vs. Wild, also called Born Survivor: Bear Grylls, Ultimate Survival, or Survival Game, is a survival television series hosted by Bear Grylls on the Discovery Channel.

Man vs. Wild: Fetus Over Easy
Bear Grylls' enthusiasm for his egg breakfast is dampened when he discovers the egg contains a partially developed chick fetus.

Man vs. Wild: Eye-Carumba!

Man vs. Wild: Fish Eyeball Munch
Bear Grylls catches a large triggerfish and dines on its eyeballs in an effort to stay hydrated.

Man vs. Wild: Chewy Sushi
In Romania, Bear Grylls, bites off the head of a fish before squeezing out its guts and eating it whole. Watch Man vs. Wild only on Discovery Channel.

Man vs. Wild:Whopper Worm
Let Bear Grylls show you how -- and why -- worms are great survival food.

Man vs. Wild: Maggotty Meals
Bear has sampled some things we hope never to see, let alone taste.

Man vs. Wild: Pee and Plastic
In the Mojave Desert, Bear Grylls uses plastic to create a solar still that transforms urine into valuable drinking water.

Man vs. Wild: Tarantula Breakfast
Bear Grylls shows off a bird-eating tarantula before eating it for breakfast in the Dominican Republic.

Man vs. Wild: Bug Burger
In need of an energizing breakfast, Bear Grylls mashes locusts, beetles, mantis and moths into a patty and attempts to choke the lot down.

Man vs. Wild:Octopus Munch

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