With every month that passes, college admissions decisions draw closer — and the need to start saving tuition money becomes more urgent. Luckily, March is chock-full of scholarship deadlines that can help make your transition to college a little easier on your wallet.

Pull up some instrumental music on Spotify, put your phone on "do not disturb" and open a Word document. It's time to earn some money.

Here are 22 awards to apply for in March:

March 1: ACS Scholarship Program — $5,000 — for minority students studying chemistry

March 1: International College Counselors Scholarship — $250 — for students who write an essay on what they'd say to the future Education Secretary

March 1: Tall Clubs International Foundation, Inc. Scholarship — $1,000 — for students who are under 21 and tall

March 1: Elizabeth Garde National Scholarship — $850 — for students planning to study nursing or another medical field

March 1: National Italian American Foundation Scholarship — varies — for Italian-American students who know members of the foundation

March 3: Tim Breslin Memorial Scholarship — $7,500 — for students who are hockey fans

March 3: Kaplun Essay Contest — varies — for students who will write an essay about the influence of the Hebrew Bible and Jewish values on democracy

March 10: Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Scholarship— $10,000 — for D/deaf or hard of hearing students attending mainstream institutions 

March 15: Matthew J. Quinlan's Don't Text And Drive Scholarship — $1,000 — for students willing to attach screencaps of the last text message conversation they had while driving and write about why they won't do it in the future

March 15: Anonymous Scholarship — $1,000 — for students from Thayer County, Nebraska

March 15: Fruitful Kitchen Scholarship Program — $600 — for students with a love of healthy eating

March 15: Get Educated Online College Scholarship — $1,000 — for distance learners

March 17: Young Leaders Scholarship — $1,500 — for students who save money, volunteer and help make the world a better place

March 20: Stellarsmart Scholarship — $1,500 — for students with ideas on how to resolve an issue like health care

March 25: Belluck & Fox Mesothelioma Scholarship — varies — for students who want to learn about the disease

March 31: Hiking Ambition Wellness Scholarship — $1,000 — for students who love the outdoors

March 31: My Kid Needs That Scholarship — $1,000 — for students who love toys

March 31: Internet Marketing Review Scholarship — $2,000 — for marketing-savvy students

March 31: Superpower Scholarship — $2,500 — for students who secretly want to be comic book heroes

March 31: Naperville Veterans Memorial Scholarship — $500 — for students with winning grins

March 31: SonoBoom Annual Scholarship — $1,000 — for students with interest in gadgets 

March 31: Costculator Scholarship Program — $1,000 — for students with thoughts on the importance of entrepreneurship in economic development