Several newspapers in Argentina and the U.S. are showcasing a video of an Argentinean woman believed to be South Carolina's Governor Mark Sanford mistress.

Argentinean sources and the New York Daily News have identified her as Maria Belen Chapur a former television producer ,43, resident of Buenos Aires, mother of two children, marathon-runner and Portuguese, English and Chinese speaker.

South Carolina's largest newspaper has just named her Maria, relying on evidence of love e-mails exchanged between Stanford and her, obtained and published by the paper  on Thursday.

Watch a video of Belen Chapur  according to Argentina Media.

After his confession during a press conference on Wednesday, Sanford resigned as head of the Republican Governors Association but he did not resign as governor.

The scandal prompted Paparazzi in Buenos Aires to camp out in front of Chapur’s apartment building to snatch a photo from her, the Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog reported.

Gov. Sanford is married to Jenny Sanford, a former Wall Street executive and they have four children. Related Articles: Stanford love emails to Maria Belen Shapur published.