Ellen DeGeneres tried to make Mariah Carey confess whether she is pregnant or not on her show on Monday, but in an unusual way.

DeGeneres asked Carey if the rumors that she is pregnant were true. The diva who appeared on the show wearing a loose casual shirt asked her not to discuss that issue and DeGeneres agreed. Immediately she opened up a champagne bottle and offered a zip to Carey.

I'm not gonna ask you if you are pregnant or not, DeGeneres told Carey. Let's toast, you're not been pregnant, if you are not pregnant... DeGeneres said.

Carey laughing asked if that was champagne for real noting DeGeneres trick. So Carey held the cup, said a toast, put it in her mouth and said It's too early for me, I only drink it after 3 p.m. She barely tasted it and broke into laughing, to what DeGeneres excitedly shouted:

You are pregnant, You're pregnant, You are pregnant!

Carey said No I didn't say that, and added We will let you know when it's gonna happen.

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