A Texas trooper seized almost 400 pounds of marijuana worth $2.2 million from the bed of a pickup truck, the Texas Department of Public Safety said Wednesday. 

The truck had been involved in a one-vehicle accident and after arriving at the scene of the collision before dawn on Tuesday, officers discovered over a dozen wrapped packages of marijuana. No injuries were reported, and the driver of the pickup truck, who officials believe was transporting the pot from Tucson, Arizona, to Atlanta, was arrested and taken to the Oldham County jail in Vega, Texas. The driver faces a felony charge of possession of marijuana.

Texas has been the site of several marijuana seizures in the past few months. In July, authorities seized about 40,000 marijuana plants from a West Texas ranch worth millions of dollars. Texas Parks and Wildlife news said game wardens found the pot plantation during an aerial patrol of Menard County. After receiving a search warrant, Menard County sheriff’s office discovered armed personnel protecting the grow sites located south of San Angelo. Just a month before in June, officers seized more than 5,000 plants after stumbling upon a large marijuana growing operation in Henderson County.

There are 25 states authorized to distribute medical marijuana to patients in need, but Texas has strict laws regarding marijuana use, growing and distribution. The state recognizes the very limited Compassionate Use Act that allows doctors to prescribe low-THC cannabis to patients suffering from intractable epilepsy. The act only grants permission to cultivate, process and dispense the cannabis to three dispensing organizations in the state.