The ongoing film shooting happening in Pittsburgh have provided plenty of onset photos leaking online such as Batman's epic fist fight with Bane for The Dark Knight Rises.  Other photos reveal an on screen beauty, Marion Cotillard, walking around in full costume. 

Speculations arose that Cotillard may be playing a villain and acting more than just a Wayne Enterprise board member as originally announced.  With Liam Neeson returning as Ra's Al Ghul, the villain from Batman Begins, the brunette Cotillard would seem ideal to portray the villain's daughter Talia Al Ghul. 

Photo snaps showed Cotillard wearing a brown color robe with red and black lining.  She was seen escorted by actors in military outfits carrying heavy artillery.  She then  was escorted into a camouflaged Bat Tumbler then drove off. 

The Batman villain Talia Al Ghul may not be a mainstream name such as the Joker, but holds a very interesting back story that involves Bane and Bruce Wayne.  Born into Ra's Al Ghul's long line of children, Talia stood out among them with her intellect and skills.  She proved worthy to inherit her father's position by training in deadly combat and having a natural sense for business. 

Talia's loyalty to her father came into question when she met Batman.  A love relationship developed between her and Bruce Wayne as Ra's believed that Batman was a worthy heir to his position. 

It will be interesting to see how director Christopher Nolan will incorporate Bane's character with Talia as the two characters share a history in the comic books.  Ra's also believed that Bane was a worthy heir and tried to marry him and Talia.  In the comic series, Bane and Talia were responsible in defeating the Batman. 

If Marion Cotillard does play the role of Talia Al Ghul, Batman may have two love interests in The Dark Knight rises.  Could Catwoman and Talia duke it out for the caped crusader's attention?  Will both female be villains in an attempt to wipe out the dark knight? 

Recent photos showed Anne Hathaway in her full Catwoman suit riding a Bat-Pod.  The photo either tells us she is a Batman ally in the movie or Catwoman was just slick enough to steal his bike.