Former Victoria’s Secret model Marisa Miller posed naked in a bathtub for the latest campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which launched Tuesday. The supermodel is pregnant with her second child and participated in the project as a protest against marine theme park SeaWorld.

“Being a mom and seeing ‘Blackfish,’ it was extremely emotional,” Miller, 36, said in a press statement Tuesday. “I think any mother knows the sense of protection and connection you have with your baby.”

Miller was referring to the 2013 documentary that focused on the treatment of killer whales in theme parks and the dangers they could pose to trainers. The film was directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, who interviewed former SeaWorld trainers and employees. “Blackfish” was centered around the story of Tilikum, an orca involved in the death of three people. Production of the film began in 2010, after the creature killed one of its trainers, Dawn Brancheau.

The ad features Miller in a bathtub and is accompanied by a message that reads, “SeaWorld: Separating babies and mothers since 1970,” a direct reference to SeaWorld’s method of recruiting marine talent. The company separated young calves from their mothers and removed them from the open ocean, according to “Blackfish.”

SeaWorld refused to participate in the production of the film, releasing a statement in 2013 after "Blackfish" viewership grew.

“'Blackfish’ ... is inaccurate and misleading and, regrettably, exploits a tragedy .... [T]he film paints a distorted picture that withholds ...key facts about SeaWorld — among them...that SeaWorld rescues, rehabilitates and returns to the wild hundreds of wild animals every year, and that SeaWorld commits millions of dollars annually to conservation and scientific research.”

Unconvinced, PETA launched its own campaign, “SeaWorld of Hurt,” after “Blackfish” hit theaters. The animal rights organization has boycotted the park, asking that families and individuals avoid SeaWorld at all costs.