Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban demolished ESPN First Take's Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith in a discussion on LeBron James and the Miami Heat on Friday morning.

Cuban went right after Bayless, an outspoken critic of James, about speaking in only generalities in his basketball analysis.

You guys like to speak in complete generalities so that no one can ever question you, Cuban told Bayless. You don't ever use facts, you don't ever use substance.

After a brief rebuttal by Bayless about the pressure James faced heading into this NBA Finals, Cuban completely eviscerated his manhood.

First of all you have the presumption people care what you think, they don't, he said.

Cuban took particular issue with the concept of wanting it more. Bayless implied that James played harder than Durant in the NBA Finals.

After beating up on Bayless, Cuban later turned his attention to Smith. The outspoken NBA owner said that his 2-year-old could break down NBA tape just as good as people on ESPN.

Take a look at these two videos to watch Cuban deliver a beat down.